ZeroWater Review

Around 3 months ago we ditched the water bottles. This was a hard choice to make since they were so convenient and easy to take on the go. Even though we recycled the bottles, I wanted to cut down on our waste. Plus filling a reusable bottle is just as easy. Last month I was introduced to ZeroWater and I’m really happy with the product!ZeroWater sells amazing filtered water products that have 000 TDS- Total Dissolved Solids. They even come with a TDS meter that allows you to test your tap water and test your Zero Water to make sure it reads 000 ppm. When I tested our tap water I was pretty happy that it only contained 043 ppm and our filtered water on our fridge came back 040. Across the country readings have varied from 25 to 700 ppm on tap water. Even some bottled water has come back with readings of 300 ppm. I wish I had a bottled water around to test! When I tested the water in our ZeroWater Pitcher, my results came back 000!

As of September 2008, the Water Quality Association and NSF International have tested and certified the ZeroWater Pitchers and Filters for reducing Lead, Chromium, Mercury, Hydrogen sulfide, Chlorine, Iron, Zinc, and Aluminum. You can really taste the difference! Even with my low levels of tap water. At first I made the mistake of not taking off the sticker to my filter. Ooops! I tasted something weird and looked online and saw you were supposed to take off the sticker. Since then, the water is amazing and I feel totally confident in letting my family drink from the pitcher. It’s easy to store in your fridge and pour into a to go cup. The good news is that the lower level TDS reading you have on your water, the longer your filter will work. So you could get 6 months of usage from it! The plastic pitcher is BPA free and made with ABS and AS plastics that do not leach into the water.

What makes the ZeroWater Filter so much better than other water purifiers is that your water goes through a 5 step filtration process when many others only go through 2-3 stages.The first stage is a activated carbon infused micron cloth. Stage 2 is a multilayer system using activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy. Stage 3 is a distributor that maximizes contact time. Stage 4 is a comprehensive ION EXCHANGE array. And stage 5 is a non-woven membrane to remove fine particles. That’s how you get a TDS reading of 000!

You can get the ZeroWater Pitcher, Filter and TDS meter for only $35! Plus you can sign up for coupons below!


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