Who is Mkokopelli

With a BA in Creative Writing, I have always had a passion for telling a story. When I graduated from UNCW, the job market was scarce so I pursued my other love, photography. I managed a photography studio for 3 years before starting my own company, M&M Photography. As luck would have it, one of my clients worked for the Charlotte Observer and asked me to join her team in launching their new mom website, MomsCharlotte.com.

During this time, I had a baby and after learning some disturbing things about big name baby shampoo, I started researching children’s products and eventually family products. I began a blog, Mkokopelli, as a side project to document all of the things I was learning and to share my knowledge with other concerned parents.

Mkokopelli led me down many exciting roads as I got to work with amazing companies and organizations. I began freelancing for several big named eco-friendly businesses including Inhabitots, Stonyfield, Franklin Goose, Earth Mama Angel Baby, The Baby Grocery Store, Juice Beauty, rocklovepeace, and Sacred Pregnancy.

After having my second child, I decided to focus my talents on social media content as well as video editing. I currently am freelancing for a multi-billion dollar real estate company based out of Dallas, TX.

When not writing, I enjoy hiking, traveling, photo journalism, poetry, reading, nature, politics, activism, and painting. My family is currently on the N.C. State Parks Challenge to see all 41 state parks within a year.