Swaddle Babies

You might remember my review and giveaway of Swaddle Babies a few months ago. If you weren’t with me, check it out. 🙂
Since Priscilla custom made Ella- yes, the doll is Ella 2, my Ella has slept with her every night. Before bed, she asks for
“her beautiful pink Ella baby.” It’s too cute!! Ella never cuddled with a doll/stuffed animal before her Swaddle Baby. She did sleep with her stuffed animals at the end of her bed, but none were deemed worthy enough to sleep next to her. I never thought in a million years she’d love this doll as much as she does. I’ve been really happy that after 4 months, her Swaddle Baby is still bed worthy.

Now, Swaddle Babies has added a new fabric to their blankets- organic fleece!

I love how vibrant the new fabrics are!! I’m going to have to order another one to add to Ella’s collection. Priscilla has cut her prices until Dec. 11 and has a holiday deadline for Dec. 15 if you want to order a custom made doll before Christmas.

Each Swaddle Baby is custom designed and personalized with a name embroidered on the tag. Swaddle Babies are snuggled in your choice of organic cotton fleece, cotton velour or Minky fabrics. Each one is crafted with organic cotton knit, organic eco-wool, organic thread, and a variety of natural and organic handspun yarns. They are so sweet looking and great for any aged child.

If you sign up for the Swaddle Baby newsletter you can get special deals and discounts! Happy shopping!!


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