Babycook Review

Being a single mom left me with no time to make my own baby food. As much as I wanted to, I just didn’t have the energy to do it all. I was confident in Earth’s Best Organic Baby food and Ella loved it. Now that Ella is older and I’ve gotten used to doing things alone, I make 90% of our meals from scratch. I wish I had this energy and passion back then because I would have done things differently- especially after trying out this new product!

I was sent a Beaba Babycook to review, thanks to Scandinavian Child, and it is so simple and convenient to use. The Babycook is a fabulous steamer, blender, warmer and defroster. The Babycook comes with easy to use instructions and tells you how much water you need to steam for whatever you are cooking. It has a basket that you put the food into and after 7-15 minutes your child’s food is steamed and ready to be blended- which takes seconds. I love the fast cooking time! It’s great for last minute meals or if you want to cook your baby’s food while making your own. The Babycook also preserves all of the vitamins and flavors of the foods unlike other steaming methods that strip the food of their nutrients. The Babycook can steam and blend vegetables, meats, fruits, and fish. It is BPA free and made with safe plastic. The bowl and basket are also dishwasher safe.

As we were carving our pumpkin the other day, I thought I’d see how easy it would be to make some pumpkin baby food. Surprisingly the amount of water for pumpkin was in the instructions! 15 minutes later, Ella had pureed pumpkin to eat. We got the Babycook Multiportions– a 7 compartment container for storing food and I highly recommend getting one with your Babycook. I saved the uneaten pumpkin and added it to muffins that I baked this morning. And for a snack, I took the pumpkin, put it in the Babycook blender and added maple syrup and organic cream cheese. We dipped ginger snaps in the dip and it was awesome! The Multiportions container can be frozen and it’s easy to pop out the food to defrost in the Babycook.

You can steam and blend any veggies with the Babycook and add them to breads, sauces and more for hidden foods. So this doesn’t have to be for just babies! I’ve steamed Ella some carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, spinach and peas. Tonight I cut up an apple and steamed it then blended it for applesauce. I think I’m going to add some blueberries or other fruit the next time. I really can’t wait to try more! This is a fun new kitchen toy for me. 🙂 Check out the video below for more info:

You can get your Babycook from Scandinavian Child for $150 and the Multiportions container for $20. I know you might think $150 is high priced, but think about how much you spend on jarred baby food! You spend an average of $20 a week on jars, so in 2 months the Babycook will have paid for itself. You can just add the food you are cooking for yourself to the Babycook and what your baby doesn’t eat, you can save for the next day. This would be a terrific baby shower gift!

*Disclaimer- I was sent a Babycook to review. This in NO way changes my opinion of the product.

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