It was HORRIBLE! First of all, the MRI was done in like a semi-truck. You walked outside of the building to this thing that was on wheels and had a lift to take you up to the top/insides. Then you walked in to the room they have the computer then they had the room with the MRI. It was creepy. My doctor never called back saying he would give me a prescription for my claustrophobia, so I did it sober. Won’t do that again. I had a panic attack as soon as they put me in the machine. I had to shut my eyes really tight or I would have completely melted down. Even though there were a few times I wanted to yell STOP! I did my meditation ritual of going to my happy place on the beach drinking a pina colada, but after the machine really started up I lost my happy place and had horrible visions and another panic attack. But I did get to see what my brain looks like afterwards, so that was cool.
Judi thankfully watched Ella for me while I was there. When I got home Ella was in bed so Judi and I got to talk before she had to head to the airport. After she dropped a dog off she came back and hung out for a little while. Ella was in a great mood and showed off all her knowledge. After Judi left we had dinner then ran to Old Navy for a turtle neck to go under E’s costume. Then ran to Best Buy to get Tinker Bell and the pet store to get cat food. We got home and I took Ella to her room and she tried to climb into her crib she was so tired. It was cute. Well, I’m going to finish my calendar work and head to bed.


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