I love Halloween

Today was a great day! We woke up and watched Tinker Bell, again. But, it’s nice to watch a new movie and not be sick of it yet. I tried to cat nap on the couch because I had a headache, but Ella made that difficult. She was cuddly and wanted to lay/crawl/jump on me. After the movie we colored and then she went down for a nap. While she slept I carved our pumpkin. It was one of the weirdest pumpkins I’ve ever had. When I scraped the insides out, it was like spaghetti strings. I kept scraping and more strings would come off. I gave up on cleaning it, and carved the owl’s face. The strings got even worse. It was like spaghetti squash. But it turned out cute with candles in it.E woke up after I finished carving and I gave her lunch, we took a shower and then got ready to go pick up mom from the airport. I dressed up as a hippy and got Ella pretty much ready except for her Vidia (the wind fairy in the new Tinker Bell) costume. My moms flight got in early, so we somewhat beat traffic. We came home and I got E dressed and we headed to the neighborhood dinner before trick or treating. Mom still wasn’t feeling good, so she stayed home to hand out candy and relax. Ella ran around like a crazy girl with all of the kids. I wish I could have had a leash on her. LOL I could barely talk to anyone without having to chase her down. After dinner we trick or treated with our neighbors- Amy, Sean, Elijah, two of their friends and some other neighbors.

Instead of E saying trick or treat, which she learned, she would say, “want, want more, please.” I got a few thank you’s out of her, but mainly “want more!” It’s not like she even understood what candy was, but she knew she wanted it. She carried around the candy she got from each house until the next one then put it in her bucket and was ready for more. It was cute. We then went to the end of our neighborhood where they had a bonfire and hung out for a few. She was out until 8:30! But in a good mood and loving every minute of it. After we got back, she went to bed and I went to my friend Brandon’s house for a small party. His mom was there and his brother just had a baby. So the weekend after Thanksgiving I’m going to take pictures of their family. So I know have 3 shoots lined up for holiday pics. 🙂 I hope more will come. I hate I’m not working the sports photography again until January and all the photography places I’ve applied to haven’t called back. Well, it’s late and I’m heading to bed. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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