Level 5

Ella moved up a level in Gym class today. She was quite the independent little miss. She wanted nothing to do with me. I think she was mad because I wouldn’t let her play when we got there and it was group activity time. But she ran around on her own and seemed like she had fun. She shared really well with the other children, which I was happy about since she didn’t share with the younger ones. After gym we went to Earth Fare to get handwash, Babies R Us to get snacks and came home for her nap. After her nap, we cleaned the house and then watched Tinker Bell again while she wore her princess dress. She is too freakin cute. She loved the movie again and watched the whole thing. After the movie we cooked dinner and Melanie joined us. Ella was excited to see her and told me bye bye. Yeah, she’s tired of me. After dinner I put E to sleep and Mel and I hung out for a while. I can’t believe she’s going to be a mommy! 🙂 After she left, Rachael came over to print off her school notes. So, it’s been a pretty good day. Other than Ella wanting to get rid of me. She’ll get a nice break tomorrow when I go for my MRI. Well, I’m off.


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