So this morning I’m laying on the couch watching tv and Ella was playing with her toys. I glance over at her and she has a diaper in her hand. I get up because I haven’t a clue where she got it from and she reaches her hand in and grabs a piece of poo. Then she goes, “Poop!” I grab it out of her hand and then realize she had taken her diaper off. Thank god she didn’t put it in her mouth! I think once we get back from FL we’re going to start trying harder on the potty training. I found some organic reusable training pants at a decent price. So I’m going to order them and hopefully she can be potty trained by the end of the summer. I’m getting the reusable ones in effort for my going green resolution. 🙂
Today was just one of those terrible 2 days. I know she’s not 2, but her attitude is. I can’t count how many times she has thrown herself on the floor or been in time out. She’s come close to breaking the coffee table a few times by hitting her toys on it. She got into everything she wasn’t supposed to and when she got caught, she’d give you the open mouth look like, what are you going to do about it. I really hope it doesn’t get worse than this. Rachael came over tonight and was in shock by it. She thought I was exaggerating. Ella really showed her butt. And has been for a week. I just hope it stops once we get to FL and we can enjoy the trip. My luck she’ll scream the whole flight there and her and Ari will gang up on us.
Well, I’m going to play before she wakes up. Hope everyone had a good Tues.


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