4 more days till a real vacation!

I can’t wait till Friday! I’m so ready to be out of town and next to the ocean. I’m on countdown mode.
Yesterday we spent the day at Morgan’s playing in Ari’s pool. Ella refused her morning nap, go figure, so we headed out that way around 12. I though she would sleep in the car, but no go. We got there and Ari was napping, so we went outside and into the sun. I put on my pre-baby bikini and realized I have some tummy work to do. I got a mom and baby yoga dvd, so hopefully that will help. Ari woke up at 4 and joined Ella for some pool time.

We then headed to 5 Guys for dinner. Ella took a cat nap on the way to 5 guys, so she didn’t fall asleep when we got home. 😦 I did get a little bit of scrapping done before she woke up screaming… again.

Today we got up and started shopping. We didn’t really shop, but were in search for the perfect tote bag for the plane ride. Every time I get my mind set on something, finding it is a pain in my rear! We looked at Tues. Morning, Target, Old Navy, Marshalls, Off Broadway shoes, Burlington Coat factory, Barnes and Nobles then finally found one at Hallmark. It wasn’t the perfect one, but it’s cute, big, inexpensive and will do the job. I sometimes hate having to settle. We got home around 4 and laid around as much as Ella would allow until dinner time. We grilled out and had a yummy meal then Ella headed her cranky butt to bed. I think I’m about to do some scrapping then head to bed myself. We got up at 8 and were out of the house by 9:30. LONG day… with just a cat nap again…


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