Happy day

So Ella was back to her usual self today. Yea! Somewhat of a temper, but who can blame her when 3 teeth are about to pop through. I can see the points of her cuspids about to break. So maybe that’s what all the fuss has been about the past week. Prob. not, but it’s wishful thinking.

We went to Gymboree this morning. She was all over the place. Definitely not the gentle little girl she used to be. She’s quite the monkey. But I guess that is what gym is for. Morgan went to get a pedi while Ari and Matt played, so we were waiting for her to get back and then go grab lunch. Somehow Ella’s diaper leaked and she peed all over me and her pants were soaked. So we headed home. We got a huge rain storm which was great for all our new plants! Ella took a 2 hour nap and I watched 27 Dresses. The stupid satellite kept losing its signal during the movie, so I called to complain and try to get it fixed. Those jerks were going to charge me $30 to come out and look at it. I lost my cool and freaked out on the lady. It’s their stupid faulty equipment and we pay for their services, so why should we pay for them to come out and repair their stuff?? So I called Windstream, since they are the ones we have the package deal with and they got me in touch with a manager who waived the fee, “this once.” As soon as the contract is over I’m done with Dish Network. THEY SUCK!! We’ve lost our signal over 20 times today. And just about everything I’ve tried recording over the past 2 weeks. And how much rain have we gotten lately?
We played after Ella woke up and Melanie stopped by to drop off the rent check. Ella was so excited to see her. The first thing she said was, “Izzy?” Which is Mel’s ferret. I can’t believe she associated Izzy with Melanie when she’s only seen Izzy twice. She went down early and I’ve been scrapping away. I’ll take pics tomorrow when it’s sunny. I hate using the flash since it distorts the colors. Tomorrow we’re going to pack and get ready for our trip!! I’m soooo excited! I hope my energy returns and Ella stays back to normal. Her temper has drained me.


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