We’re back

We had such a great trip but soo needed 2 more days there! We left at 9 Monday morning. The babies didn’t sleep on the way there and Ella screamed most of the way. Her top 2 molars came through and her bottom 2 are working their way in and I know that’s what was bothering her. We decided not to go to the beach when we got there since it was cloudy and though we could go Tues. We ended up not going 😦 When we got there we went to the aquarium which really sucked. I remembered it being much nicer and bigger. They didn’t accept our zoo/aquarium pass, which I thought they did. So we had to pay which sucked even more! We then went shopping and checked into our room. We got upgraded to a larger suite which was nice. It had a pull out bed, so Rach. didn’t have to sleep with Ella and I. Ben met us at the hotel at 5 and we then headed to Southend for dinner. We had to rush back to the hotel so I could take my 7:29 shot and blow out my candles for my b-day wish. I know, I’m silly. The babies were still up and going without naps, so I suggested we walk around and wear them out. We went to the fountains and then got ice cream at Kilwins. Morgan got fudge. Yummy! We got back to the hotel at 9 and the babies were passed out in their strollers. Luckily they stayed asleep and we started playing Apples to Apples while eating cake, fudge and crown royal. Morgan didn’t drink so she could be the dbs. Morgan kicked our butts at Apples to Apples! Ari woke up at 11 and refused to go back to sleep. So Morgan went to lay with him around 12:30. Rach and Ben wanted to go to a bar, so we went for 1 drink. We drank a lot, which we weren’t planning on doing. But, I guess that’s how my birthdays go. Tues. the babies woke up at 7 talking to one another. I’ve never woken up laughing that early before. Morgan, the babies and I went back to the fountains to let Rach get ready. We then went to a yucky breakfast and then packed up. We left around 11:45 and headed to the zoo. Which was awesome! The babies loved it! Ella learned a bunch of new words and loved waving at the animals. We will have to do that more often. Steve and Matt met us there, so Ella and I made it home at 7. I’m beat today. My whole body hurts. We’ve been going non-stop for a long time! I had a great b-day!! Thank you all for who came, sent cards or called! I’m really disappointed in a lot of “friends” who forgot or didn’t care. Everyone knows how birthdays are really important to me… But oh well. I have tons of people who are wonderful in my life and I’m thankful to know who they are!


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