catching up

It’s taken me a week, and Ella a week, to get back into routine. And we were only gone 1 night! Ella is boycotting her bed once again. She won’t fall asleep, but will sit and play in it. I let her scream for 2 hours today and she ended up missing her nap. So we’re going to have to start all over again 😦 Friday we went to story time at Joseph Beth bookstore with Morgan, Matt and Ari. The guy, Nigel, was great! I let Ella go play with the big kids and she ended up touching everyone’s shoes. I’ve never seen a kid more obsessed with shoes. Then she tried hugging 2 boys and they pushed her away. They passed around a ukulele

and she wasn’t happy about giving it back. We then went to Gymboree to use our Gymbucks. She got some summer pj’s and a cute top. She still needs more pj’s but I didn’t like any other ones there. We stopped by Gap and OMG!!! I wish I had $200 to spend. I’m in love with their girl line this year. They are all sooo Ella. I got her one outfit, which I didn’t really have the $ to get, but I couldn’t resist. I almost didn’t resist the offer for a credit card. But, I was good. I need to win the lottery. I worked all day Sat. from 6 am to 5:30. It rained on and off, so I was wet and in sandals. Not fun!!! We laid around all day yesterday to catch up. Ella is always in a bad mood the day after I work. Today we went to Babies R Us to get eating utensils. She’s now eating with a fork and spoon! I’m so proud! No more dirty hands! Just a dirty face. But I’ll take that over hands any day. Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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