getting old

I have never had a hangover this bad in my life! Granted, there hasn’t been any puking so it could be worse, but my head feels awful. I had a b-day party last night and we went through 4 big punch bowls and I haven’t a clue how many shots. There were 6 of us drinking. I told mom today thank god I only have a birthday one time a year! My shoot got rained out yesterday, which was actually a good thing since my aunt and uncle were in town. We went to Original House of Pancakes for breakfast and ran next door to Shower Me With Love. My fav. baby boutique. Paula got Ella this gorgeous dress and adorable butterfly bookbag. Ella doesn’t like the bookbag on, but likes to hold it. We then ran to Barnes N Nobles and Ella got a new book. Then we pretty much hung out all day waiting for people to get here for the party. This morning mom and I celebrated my b-day by going to Brio for brunch. It was really good. I was disappointed at the tiramisu, but I didn’t need it anyways! Well we are headed to Charleston in the morning! I’ll write when we get back!


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