Creative Play Kits for Toddlers!

My kids love to dress up and have ever since they were toddlers. It is hard to find non-character dress up that fits the littles. When my oldest was 18 months the only thing I could find was Disney dress up or old Halloween costumes. Then reports of some of the costumes containing flame retardants, lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals came in- so when my son was at the dress up stage I had to find alternatives.

Now my littlest is 16 months and LOVES to dress up with her siblings. So when Seedling announced their new Littles collection, I got really excited! Seedling’s Littles are creative play kits for toddlers which include: Magical Hero Dress Up Cape, Galaxy Rocket Adventure Cape, Farmers Market Playtime Kit, Let’s Roll! I Love Sushi Kit, Under The Sea Puppet Playtime Kit, Dress Up and Play Animal Ears Headband, and Royally Cute Kitty.

The kits are for ages 2-4 but the Magical Hero Dress Up Cape fits my 16 month and she is in love being a super hero!

Untitled design (3)

The awesome thing about this kit is that the lightning bolt, rainbow, cloud and star-shaped patches are all attached to the cape and arm bands with velcro and can be moved! So each time the child dresses up they can customize to their mood. My daughter loves moving the pieces around and it is helping develop her fine motor skills.


The Magical Hero Dress Up Cape is also reversible- so brothers and sisters can both enjoy! My son, who is 4, is obsessed with the arm bands and is always taking off with them. My daughter’s room is unicorn themed, so he associates unicorns with girls- but when I showed him he could flip the cape around, he got pretty excited.


I love gender neutral toys that inspire the imagination- and especially love that the cape can appeal to both sexes- because what little girl doesn’t love unicorns and what little boy doesn’t love super heroes?? The Magical Hero Dress Up Cape retails for $29.99 and can be purchased online at Seedling, Amazon, and in select Neiman Marcus stores.

Seedling also has a Galaxy Rocket Adventure Cape that is similar to the Magical Hero Dress Up Cape. The Galaxy Rocket Adventure Cape has a cotton rocket ship, planetary patches and felt rocket flames that attach to the reversible cotton cape with elastic straps.

The Galaxy Rocket Adventure Cape retails for $29.99 and can be purchased online at Seedling, Amazon, and in select Neiman Marcus stores.

You can see more of the Seedling Littles collection here. The collection features soft, portable, play kits that empower toddlers with a fantastic range of experiences from becoming their own superhero to preparing sushi, or even exploring the galaxy in a customizable rocket-launching cape.

A Little More Magic for You!

Download the free Littles app for more exciting discoveries! Elements in your Seedling Littles kit will come to life with the magic of augmented reality. Hold your tablet or phone up to certain areas on the kit and drawings on the box to reveal the surprise! Plus, each kit has its own mini-game!


My kids love to craft. They get it honestly- because before I had kids, I crafted every weekend. But after I noticed my daughter comparing her projects to mine, I decided to let her do her own thing and just guide her with the materials and brief instructions. The results have been amazing- most of the time.

I love buying art kits. Putting together projects and getting all the materials can be challenging with 3 kiddos- especially when we don’t have an art store near us. We have used Seedling kits for a while now and I LOVE that some kits can be found in Target!

They just released a Disney line including art projects featuring The Little Mermaid, Finding Dory, Through the Looking Glass, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and more!

My kids love music, so they got to make a Circle of Life Drum from the The Lion King.


The kit includes:

  • Cylinder drum box
  • Faux suede cord and fabric
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Natural bristle paintbrush
  • Stencils
  • Painter’s tape
  • Drumsticks
  • Instructions

The stencils allow your child to paint Simba, Pumba, Timone, and paw prints to the drum. My 9 year old and 4 year old completed the tom-tom drum together and they had a blast- so they tell me. They snuck downstairs early one morning and completed it without me knowing- so I didn’t get any pictures. But they did a really good job on their own!

You can get the Circle of Life Drum kit online at Seedling for $34.99.

Here are examples of other Design Your Own Disney Kits that are amazing!

The 15-piece collection retails from $14.99 to $39.99 and is available on and in select Nordstrom stores. Be sure to join the Seedling email list to find out about amazing holiday savings and how you can earn $10 by getting your friends to sign up and shop!

You can find Seedling on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

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