Why Hello

Yes, the past 9 months have flown by and I’ve neglected my blog yet again. I’m sorry and wil try to do a better job!!! At least this time I have a good reason! 🙂 Baby K should be here within the next 1-3 weeks and I’ve been busy preparing for his arrival. Miss E has been doing wonderful in Kindergarten, though it has been a part time job in itself taking her to and from school, volunteering, and being the room mom. Yeah, I didn’t think that one through so well! 
But, the most time consuming things have been working with Inhabitots, BabyElan {daily}, MomsCharlotte and The Baby Grocery Store. If you are in Charlotte, you must stop by The Baby Grocery Store the week of Nov. 5 for their grand opening!! It will be amazing! So, if you’ve missed Mkokopelli’s awesome content, check out the other sites I’ve been working with! There have been some exciting things going on. 🙂 
Hope you all are doing well!! 
XOXO Michelle


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