Become a Stonyfield Food Superhero & Win a $50 Wholefoods Gift Card

Stonyfield is at it again! First they wanted to Know Your Fridge and now part of the Know Your Food campaign they want to know your food superhero powers! Food Superheros is a light-hearted and interactive campaign inviting food lovers to transform themselves into superheroes by showing off their powers to support a healthy, sustainable food system through the small actions they take each day. 

For every Food Superhero profile created, Stonyfield will donate $1 to FoodCorps, a national nonprofit organization that addresses childhood health through food by working directly in schools in limited-resource communities. So far Stonyfield has collected over $1350!! 

All you have to do is visit and assume a Food Superhero persona with superpowers. I am now The Sweetitude Cultivator– making food choices to protect the little guy. Or little girl for that matter! E has also joined my superhero food crime fighting team and enjoys teaching others about harmful food dyes.

To become a Food Superhero you must know your food and make food choices that protect your health, family farmers, animals, and the planet. Check out the Know Your Food website to learn more about what’s in your food and why it matters!

Stonyfield has teamed up with Wholefoods to offer Yo Getters a chance to give one of their lucky readers a $50 giftcard to Wholefoods so you can purchase the foods that make you a superhero, PLUS a Food Superhero cape, a free 6 oz. Stonyfield coupon, and some temporary tattoos!

Giveaway: Enter on the Rafflecopter form! Giveaway ends August 3, 2012. a Rafflecopter giveaway//


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