JAHGOO 3-1 Potty Giveaway

Yes, Miss E has been using the potty for a couple of years now. But I’ve been working with an amazing PR company and had the chance to talk about Jahgoo. All Jahgoo products are BPA-free, Phthalates-free, Cadmium-free and their product material is 100% PP (Polypropelene). The soft rubber is TPR (thermo plastic rubber).

Jahgoo was created out of the need for hip bath baby gear. Dutch entrepreneur, Hans Pompen didn’t want his bathroom cluttered with “outdated space-hogging eyesores crying out for a redesign,” so he came up with the Jahgoo Collection which includes:

  • 3-in-1: Potty. Toilet Seat. Step Stool
  • Bath
  • Step Stool
  • Bath Support
  • Potty
  • Toilet Seat Reducer
  • Toilet Paper Holder

Jahgoo won the 2011/2012 Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Awards Bathtime Product Category-Gold award. Jahgoo products range from $10-$30 and can be found online at www.kastelinternational.com I love how the company got its name: “When bathing your children, the bathroom turns into a jungle. Screaming monkeys and a lot of mess. The tub looks like a jacuzzi with bubbles and kids splashing water everywhere. Lastly, baby’s first words sound like goo-goo. Well, throw jungle, jacuzzi and goo-goo into the blender and you get Jahgoo!”

I was sent the 3-1 Training Potty to review and it’s pretty neat. The ergonomically designed potty can be used in 3 stages- a training potty, toilet seat, and then step stool. The reservoir is easy to remove for cleaning. It is designed for both girls and boys. After your child is done potty training, the seat can be removed and used on a regular sized toilet. Your child can also use the stool to get on and off the toilet. Once they have graduated to a full sized potty, the step stool can be used by kids or adults for hard to reach places. You can get the 3-1 Training Potty for $29.99 in white or lime.

Be sure to sign up to “like” Jahgoo on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jahgoo for news of special promotions, new product introductions and more!

Want potty training tips? Keep reading!

I spent over a year potty training my daughter. Yes, that’s a long time- so I can tell you everything that I did wrong so you can avoid my mistakes!

My biggest mistake was spending too much money on useless training pants. I purchased multiple Gerber organic training pants and they leaked majorly. So we went for the Pull-Up style. These are diapers disguised as trainers- and my kiddo wasn’t fooled. I then purchased training pants from a cloth diaper company, which worked really well. They looked like panties but had layers of microterry and PUL that stopped leaks- which is great for when you leave the house!

And don’t get me started on the gimmicky potty’s that sing. My daughter just wanted to play with them, and that’s gross. Go for a simple potty, like the 3-in-1 that is easy to use without the bells and whistles. The step stool really does come in handy!

I also tried the John Rosemond Naked and $75 Method. His message to kick potty training in the butt motivated me to get on it. So my daughter ran around naked from the waist down for a week. She had no accidents and would sit on the potty when she needed to. But, then came the problem when she wasn’t naked. We are an active family and needed to get out of the house. Our first trip out of the house- epic failure. So we were back to the training pants.

I then got the book Potty Training in One Day. This is something I should have read before beginning this process. It focuses on using dolls for your child to teach the doll how to use the potty so they learn together. It also has great tips like create the “Big Day” to explain to your child what is expected of them during this process. I loved the consequence if they have an accident to take them back to the potty 10 times in a row to show them what is expected.

So we had a potty party (the big day) and for some reason- that worked. We had dolls show up who wanted to learn how to potty. My daughter taught them how to “potty like a rockstar” and enjoyed the cake, drinks, and balloons that went along with her party. Luckily, we’ve only had a few accidents since that monumental day.

Giveaway: Jahgoo would like to give 1 lucky winner a 3-1 Training Potty!

Click read more to enter!

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