The Lorax/Stonyfield Giveaway

The Lorax is one of my favorite Dr. Suess books and I’ve been anxiously awaiting for the movie to come out. After seeing some of the sponsors, I was nervous they were going to butcher the film. If you aren’t aware, for the past several weeks there has been a big fuss about some of the “carefully chosen” 70 companies and non-profits sponsoring the film. It was even labeled- #Loraxwashing. Some of the worst offenders were Mazda’s new SUV, IHOP’s sprinkle pancakes and green eggs and ham (food dyes are sooo not eco!), HP with FSC-paper (why not 100% recycled, the movie is about saving trees!), Seventh Generation’s disposable diapers, and Pottery Barn Kids. 

Now there were several sponsors that were Lorax worthy. Seventh Generation does belong on the list, just not their disposables. Whole Foods is a given. And my favorite sponsor is of course Stonyfield. They just launched their new YoKids Greek Yogurt and launched the YoKids website featuring The Lorax online games and sweepstakes in conjunction with the film’s release.

This is from Stonyfield: “As the only organic Greek yogurt for kids, YoKids Greek provides families a quality product produced without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, genetically engineered ingredients, or artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. YoKids Greek organic yogurt is thick, creamy and packed with 6 grams of protein. It’s also an excellent source of calcium and made with low-fat organic milk.” You can see our YoKids Greek review here
Since I’m a YoGetter, Stonyfield sent us to see The Lorax on Saturday- and a bunch of Charlotte mom bloggers got to join us!

Before the movie, we all ate some yummy YoKids Greek and the adults had the Chocolate and Caramel Greek.

Stonyfield also gave away some coloring books, crayons, tattoos, and a copy of The Lorax and coloring book to E for the party! Here are the kids before the movie: 

Now on to the movie… 

I was very pleased with the film. It was funny yet serious. I loved how they mocked bottled water with bottled air, because “people will buy it if it’s in a bottle.” Even if it’s free. My favorite part of the movie was the musical number, How Bad Can I Be. Yes, there are musical numbers throughout the movie. You can listen to the song below, it’s pretty funny. 

I felt like the movie stayed true to the book. I loved the characters, the animation was beautiful, there was the right amount of humor, and I enjoyed the hidden messages. E loved it and wanted to plant a tree when we got home. She said her favorite part is when they plant the seed. 🙂 So Sunday we spent the day planting seeds to sprout for our garden. I also have been rooting potatoes, avocados, and garlic. The garlic is pictured below

Giveaway: Stonyfield wants to give 1 lucky winner A Lorax/YoKids -themed gift box including the following:

(2) free passes to see The Lorax in theaters (the same type of code you will receive)
A copy of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax book
YoKids coupons with organic basil seeds
YoKids Temporary Tattoos
YoKids Lunch sack

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