Pacha’s Pajamas Book & CD GIVEAWAY

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”- Nelson Mandela
Pacha’s Pajamas- A Story Written by Nature by Aaron Ableman, is about a little girl named Pacha who has big dreams. She used to love being outside with nature but began choosing playing indoors and watching TV over going out to play. One day Pacha’s parents give her magical pajamas and she has an amazing dream about trees, mushrooms, animals, and a variety of other things from nature coming together to put on a nature concert- Pacha Jamma. The nature concert was to bring awareness about the environment and that it’s never to late to dream about making changes and working together to bring unity to Mother Earth.

I was sent Pacha’s Pajamas and EP to review and I am enthralled by them both. Aaron Ableman wrote the book to bring music and storytelling together to share the important message for children. E is esp in love with the 6 track disc- including two excerpts from the Musical Story and four songs from Pacha Jamma. The CD features Rapper/Actor Mos Def, Poet/Rapper Talib Kweli, and a group of talented kids. E has been listening to the cd in her playroom singing, dancing, and jumping around. I think she is the perfect age for the book and EP- though older children will enjoy as well.

The book, Pacha’s Pajamas, engages young ones and sends positive message to make a difference in the world. To me, it’s important to teach our children to not litter, to recycle, to reuse, to not be wasteful, and to treat our planet with respect. Pacha’s Pajamas is a fun unique way to introduce concepts like pollution, our environment, and how children can make a difference through the youth movement for Nature’s rights. The musical approach is different than the eco kid books I’ve reviewed in the past and I love that angle.

The book is 31 pages with small graphics, printed with soy ink. Younger children might not have the attention span for the story- but 5 seems the right age to introduce. E loved listening to the story and asked questions throughout. I love the fun facts after the story that share information about all of the characters in the book- which really came in handy!
My favorite line of the book is by a spider, “Life is like one of my webs- it becomes stronger when all the parts are connected.”
You can download the ebook for free as well as some of the songs on the Pacha’s Pajamas website. The book EP set is only $12.99 and I highly recommend! You can also play games, learn about the characters, and how you can help the Nature movement.
Giveaway: Enter to win your own copy of Pacha’s Pajamas and EP (Click Read More to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway!)

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