Ice Pop Joy Review

Anni Daulter has done it again with her new recipe book, Ice Pop Joy. Not only is the hardbound book gorgeous, the recipes are absolutely delicious! I decided to spend my weekend trying out pop recipes from the newly released book. Honestly, I was wondering how on earth a vegetables were going to taste good in a pop, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Ice Pop Joy has 50 healthy, fun, and yummy pop recipes for everyone in your family. They are made with wholesome ingredients and you won’t find any processed sugars! You will explore new flavors and ingredients throughout the 144 page book. Each recipe compliments a full page photo by the extremely talented Alexandra DeFurio. This is the ultimate hidden food for the pickiest eaters- mom tested and approved!

I first went simple and made the Orange Pop. This includes orange juice, pineapple, and wheat germ.

I love that wheat germ was added especially since it is high in protein.

The next recipe I tried was Ice Pops for Breakfast. Instead of using a pop mold, I used our Beaba Multi-portions silicone baby food container.

I thought these would be excellent with some organic chocolate, granola, and fresh fruit. The Ice Pop for Breakfast includes almond butter, bananas, walnuts, wheat germ, and yogurt.

After I felt confident with my food processor, I decided to go with something a little more sophisticated- the Rockstar with Strawberry Agave Jam.

This is a 2 step process pop. You first make strawberry agave jam. I have to say that I am now hooked! I made a jar after I tasted the end result of the pop. Agave is sooo much better than regular sugar! It is also low on the glycemic index plus has high antioxidant properties. After you let the jam sit, you mix kale, blueberries, bananas, water, and wheat germ. I had just gone to the farmers market and picked up spinach, so I made a substitution since they are similar.

After letting our pops freeze, we got to devour them on Sunday. My daughter LOVED the Rockstar pop!

She can’t even tell there is vegetables in the pop!

The Orange Pop had a great tang and I love how the wheat germ adds a nutty flavor.

It truly works well together.

Of course E wanted to try mine and decided that this was her favorite.

We also tried the Breakfast Pop and I am really happy that I used the multi-portion containers as a mold. They make the perfect ice cream scoops!! I drizzled chocolate on top and it was the prefect treat. I can’t wait to try more of the recipes! Now its time to search for more eco-friendly style pop molds….

You can get your copy of Ice Pop Joy for only $18.95!! I highly recommend!!

* I was sent Ice Pop Joy to review. These are my opinions and results.

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