Every Parents Dream Product- Sticky Mosaics

OK, so my next review isn’t the most eco-friendly product in the world, but E loves them and it occupies her for 3+ hours… enough said. 🙂

If you haven’t heard of Sticky Mosaics, you really need to read this!

When I was Christmas shopping last year, I saw The Orb Factory kits and got E the Jewelry Box. It was recommended for children ages 5+, but I figured she would be able to do them. (She just turned 4) It took her the whole Saturday to do the project and she was asking for more! (A special thanks to Yo Gabba Gabba who taught her to not give up)

I am now working 4 part time jobs. Yes, 4 jobs on top of trying to homeschool/preschool and blog. So projects like this, that take hours, are needed in my house. We also found out that E has sensory processing disorder. She started therapy in February and we found that the task of pressing the stickers on to the paper actually soothes her. If she’s having an off day, I give her the Sticky Mosaics and she calms down instantly.

The BEST part about the Sticky Mosaics is that they taught E how to read numbers 1-16. She was having a tough time recognizing numbers. After the first weekend of doing the Jewelry Box, she was able to do the rest by herself and now needs no help. The Sticky Mosaics come with a legend (yes, intro to map reading!) and you match the color foam or jewel pieces to the correct number to make a colorful picture. This is also a great hand-eye coordination art project.

Growing Tree Toys sent us a Jewels Sticky Mosaic Kit for review and I can’t recommend it enough. E had only done the mosaics like the jewelry box, tiara set, and mirror before this. I LOVE the pictures and how they come with a backing so you can hang them. The Jewels Mosaic kit comes with a mermaid, mom and daughter, castle, princess, and unicorn picture.
I love how this one looks just like us! 🙂
Our favorite is the unicorn. (Some of the stickies have fallen off, but the kits come with extra so you can fix them. I didn’t realize they had come off until after the picture taken!) It takes E about 2-3 hours to finish 1 picture. She has issues leaving the project unfinished, so we have to set aside special time for mosaics.

Growing Tree Toys also has a kit of just unicorns and ponies! I think that will be our next kit. You can find other kits with fairies, horses, dinosaurs, princesses, fish, vehicles, pets, cards, and more! Growing Tree Toys has 2 pages full of mosaics! You can get the kits from $10-$17.

Right now Growing Tree Toys has 20% off all toys until the first day of Spring- March 20!! Enter code BEBBFC at the checkout to enjoy the savings! Growing Tree Toys has an amazing section of arts and crafts, and huge selection of toys for kids of all ages!!

Thank you Growing Tree Toys for sending us the great Jewels Sticky Mosaic kit to review!!


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