All of my favorite things

I can’t believe it’s going to be 2010 in 3 days! This year has been filled with many ups and downs, but I’ve enjoyed our adventures- especially beginning Mkokopelli! In the past 6 months, I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing people and review some awesome products that have truly made a big impression. After writing 147 reviews and giveaways, I wanted to create my 2009 top 20 Eco-friendly products/companies. This was REALLY hard to narrow down since we have truly loved everything that we’ve received. But these are things we use (almost) every day. Here they are in no particular order:

Just Tomatoes, Etc. has been a huge hit in my house. I love their powdered organic fruits that go on everything. You can sprinkle them on ice cream, yogurt, cookies, muffins and so much more. Their dehydrated fruit is also a great on the go snack.

During my Personal Care Week, I fell in love with Juice Beauty. Their Green Apple Peel has done wonders for my open pores and black heads.

Also during my Personal Care week, I did a review for John Masters Organics hair care products. I’ve been hooked on their Honey and Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor. I have “salon hair” EVERY day!

The Skin Free Eczema kit has cleared my eczema. I’ve had it bad on my arms and legs for years and not even dermatologist prescribed lotions could cure it. After a month using Skin Free, I am bump free!!

Air-O-Swiss has given us a special gift of moist air. Their Evaporator helped heal a 10 month sinus infection. And I know if Ella and I hadn’t been using the Evaporator over the past 2 weeks we would have ended up at the doctors.

During my Eco-friendly Fall Week, I got to review the DreamSacks Athena Tunic and Scarf. My dad ordered me some other outfits and I keep forgetting to take pictures while wearing them! DreamSacks has to be the most comfortable clothing that I have ever worn. I have especially loved my new pj’s. And Ella still loves her super soft Knit blanket that I’m waiting for them to design in my size. 😉

OK, so I haven’t gotten to wear these this month, but I still love my Greenbees Estephania Sandals and can’t wait for warmer weather so I can wear them again. All of Greenbees shoe soles are made with recycled tire rubber.

I know you are all aware of my bag obsession by now, but the Keen Northrup Tote has stolen my heart. The million pockets are what makes this tote so amazing. It’s my purse/kid bag that fits everything. Even though there are wear and tear rips, holes and tons of creases, I still proudly carry my Keen tote 🙂

Charlie’s Soap has been amazing. We have loved the laundry powder that truly cleans your clothes. The Charlie’s All Purpose Cleaner has done wonders on stains around the house. Plus, it’s all safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Eye Of The Whale is one of the best books I have ever read! If you are looking for a great Eco-thriller, this book is for you. Not to mention all of the information that is hidden throughout the book. Doug Abrams is a literary genius.

Ella’s Favorites:

We had a search for the softest Eco blanket and the Lotus Bebe blanket was Ella’s pick. Ella still sleeps with her Lotus Bebe soy blanket every night and it hasn’t lost any of its softness!

Mkokopelli had a Eco-friendly Toy Week and Ella’s favorite has been her Swaddle Baby. She still sleeps with “baby Ella” every night. Swaddle Babies are custom made dolls with Eco-friendly fabrics. This is a great alternative to plastic dolls!

Earth Mama Angel Baby is definitely my favorite baby shampoo and body wash. This foamy soap smells amazing and it leaves Ella’s hair silky smooth. The best part is that all of Earth Mama Angel Baby products score a 0 on the Cosmetic Database. I have also LOVED their Happy Mama Spray. The smell of tangerine really does put this mama in a happy mood!

Atlantis Natural sent us a Lunchopolis to review from New Wave Enviro and this BPA free lunch kit has really come in handy! Ella loves the 15 oz. water bottle and the stainless steel bottle for on the go.

Since our Curious Chef review, Ella has taken a strong liking to baking. She pulls up her stool every time I’m in the kitchen and grabs her Curious Chef tools. I had no clue this cookie kit would inspire her to become a little chef, but I’m loving sharing the kitchen with her… on most occasions.
PlanToys has been a BIG hit in our house this year. From reviews, giveaways and presents, Ella has racked up. And thanks to The Acorn Store, Ella has a horse that matches the dirt. I love that PlanToys uses replenished rubberwood and manufactures their toys at their own facility. They are high quality toys that will last a life time and worth spending the extra penny on!

5 months ago I was in shock when I saw what fingernail polish could do to a Styrofoam plate. Luckily, there is Piggy Paints which are all natural nail polishes for children. Ella loves her Piggy Paints and begs to do her nails every week.

Ella wears her Soft Star shoes almost every day. I’m even thinking about ordering a new pair in the same style but larger because she loves them so much. Soft Star is a Eco-friendly company in all aspects and I applaud their efforts on doing their part in helping the planet- and my little girl’s feet!

The Eco Foam Memory Mattress is seriously amazing! I still creep into Ella’s room at night and sleep with her when my back is hurting. I can’t wait until I can afford to buy one for myself. The Eco Foam Memory Mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have EVER slept on. And I’ve slept on some pretty comfy beds. The plant based foam is breathable and keeps your body temp regulated.

I have enjoyed reading our Little Green Books collection to Ella every night. She is loving learning how she can help the environment! Little Green Books has a great selection of earth friendly books to pass along the green message!

Hope you enjoyed looking back at some of my favorites! I can’t wait to see what 2010 brings!!!

One thought on “All of my favorite things

  1. Thanks go to you for introducing me to many wonderful green products. Also, to open my eyes to the whole “green scene” (lol) as it were.
    Yes, thanks also go to the many companies who strive to make our planet better and are doing a wonderful job of it. I am amazed at the sheer power one reusable tote has over those icky plastic bags. Yahoo for our world.
    Marj M.


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