Clementine Art Review

I am a very artistic person and love all forms of art. I introduced painting and coloring to Ella when she was just 9 months old. I let her finger paint with non-toxic paints and then gave her a brush. Now that she’s getting older we’ve been having a lot more fun with art projects. We color every day and try to paint or do something else with art once or twice a week. When I found Clementine Art I was very excited that there was an Eco-friendly art company with amazing products!

Clementine Art has natural paints, doughs, markers, crayons and glue. They produce professional-quality and earth-friendly art supplies with pure, simple ingredients. Clementine’s products are colored with plant and mineral pigments instead of artificial dyes, providing an innovative solution to chemical laden, artificially colored art supplies. I was really excited about the glue and crayons and was given some to review.

When a toddler is working with glue, it’s impossible to keep it off of their fingers. Glue can come from natural or synthetic sources. Synthetic glues have a strong scent and can contain harsh chemicals. You know me, I feel safer with Ella using a natural product so as soon as we got the glue we created a butterfly work of art. We used a chipboard butterfly from a local scrapbook store that we got for $4. It came in a pack of 6 and there are endless possibilities with what you can do with them. If you don’t have a scrapbook store, you can always go online and print out a butterfly template. I saved all of the tissue paper I’ve received from review products just for art purposes. I cut 4 long strips of 6 papers and then cut them in 1 inch blocks. I punched an extra hole in the butterfly and added the pipe cleaner for antennae. I twisted the antennae in the back so it could be hung. I then handed Ella the Clementine Art Natural Glue and had her glue the pieces to the butterfly. After gluing individual pieces she decided it was easier to glue the butterfly and then stick the paper to the glue. And this is what she created: It was a simple project that any age can do with your help. It took about 20 minutes to complete and wasn’t messy. The best part was that there was no clean up!! I love that the glue had no smell. It worked really well for our project and none of the paper has fallen off. It can be used for fabrics, woods, paper, and many other surfaces. It is reversible with water and washes off any surface.

We also got to try the Clementine Art Soy Crayons and they are awesome! They are non-toxic and all natural. The colors really stand out and they are the perfect size for preschoolers. I loved the thickness and how they are shaped for smaller hands. They blend really well and go on smoothly. I keep them in our tote bag in case we get stuck in traffic so Ella can color in the back seat. I took them with us to the doctors office when Ella was sick and she was occupied the whole time waiting for the doc.Crayons are my best friend!! Whenever Ella is bored, I pull them out and she can occupy herself. I’ve loved watching her art progress in these past 2 years. We are working on shapes and I can’t wait until she’s creating people and animals. I know… patience….

You can find Clementine Art supplies at Whole Foods until November 2009. I wish there was one close to us so I can try more of their products!!


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