CEACO Planetpals Review

We are big puzzle people here. I used to sit for hours putting together 1,000 piece puzzles. Since Ella loves to match things, I thought she would enjoy playing with puzzles… and I was right. I got her a starter color wheel puzzle last year for Christmas. Then we moved on to Melissa and Doug puzzles which she has really enjoyed, but they are now too easy for her. When I came across CEACO Planetpals floor puzzles I got really excited that she could be challenged. CEACO created a 24 piece doubled sided floor puzzle that is 2X3 feet! It is also made with 90% recycled materials and vegetable based inks. One of the sides has the Planetpals characters riding in a hot air balloon and the other side has the Planetpals nature park with Earthman, Sunnyray and Starbright. So what is a Planetpal?? Planetpals is a is a amazing resource for parents and teachers to help teach their children about the earth. You can find tons of tips, projects, crafts, printable charts, games and more on the Planetpals website. They have created fun characters to make learning more fun for your child. Check out the video of a introduction to their characters:

Ella has really enjoyed putting it together and then doing the other side. Younger children will need your help so they don’t get frustrated with it being 2 sided. I lay all of the pieces out, turned the correct way, and then cook dinner while Ella puts it together. It’s a great introductory puzzle to get your child thinking outside of the box. Plus the large pieces make it easier to match the scenery. CEACO has tons of other fun puzzles for all ages. You can get the Planetpals floor puzzle for only $11.49!! That’s 2 puzzles for the price of 1!


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