It’s officially fall!!!!

There’s nothing I love more (besides Ella) than the smell of pumpkins, bright orange colors and the cool weather of fall.
We slept in until 10:30 this morning. Ella woke up at 7, I changed her and put her back in bed. She woke up at 12 last night and was up until 1:30. So there was no way we were getting up at 7 for her to be in a funk. She fell right back to sleep and I had to wake her later so she’d take a nap. Which I’m not sure if she took or not. We played around this morning and walked outside looking for our turtle. We saw him as we were eating breakfast but he disappeared. I went upstairs to go to the bathroom and to briefly check my email and came back downstairs to find Ella with a tube of vitamin a & d in her mouth. I guess I left the drawer open a little and she got it out. I don’t think she ate much, if anything but a taste. But I still called poison control to make sure and see what to look for. I wasn’t even gone 5 minutes! But after that she got fussy, so I took her to bed. I went and got on mom’s computer and 30 minutes later I heard her banging her crib toy. So I got her up, fed her lunch and gave her a bath. I had the intentions of taking her to the park, but needed gas and to stop by Babies R Us. I went by 5 gas stations and they were all out! I finally found one in Pineville. Everything I went to Babies R Us for they didn’t have. Go figure. So I think that was my last trip there for a while. By the time we were done with that, it was 4:30, so we headed home. Tonight I made a Fall sign for the living room. Ella woke up as soon as I finished it and was screaming. I have no clue what for. I had to get into her crib with her to calm her down. She kept saying want it and I asked what and she said daddy and Ari. She is too funny. She knows Morgan’s name, but still insists on calling her daddy. Poor child is too confused. I finally was able to slip out after telling her the penguin, bunny and bear needed her to go to sleep with them. Well, I think I’m heading to bed myself. I have to work tomorrow and she’s going with me since mom will be out of town. We are going apple picking on Thurs. which I’m way excited about!!

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