Ella was in a mood today. She threw a huge tantrum as I was trying to cut her fingernails. She turned blue because she was holding her breath. I swear this kid is more hard headed than me. And who thought that was possible. I put her down for a nap at 11 because I couldn’t handle the tantrums. When she woke up we took a shower, ate lunch then painted a new pumpkin for the fall wall. She was even a brat doing that. We came downstairs and that’s when I tried to cut her nails and after that tantrum I took her back to bed. I let her stay up there an hour while I watched Sex in the City and relaxed. I guess she either slept or played with her crib toys, but I didn’t hear a peep out of her. I brought her back downstairs and we played then she went to work with me. She was fine there. I was scared how she was going to behave after the day we had. She did yell at the girls to “sit down, straight, smile!” They thought it was funny… me not so much. There’s nothing like a bossy 1 year old. Mom didn’t go out of town, so she put E to bed for me. I did my calendar work while watching Sex in the City for the second time today 🙂 It’s like having my old best friend back. For 7 years I religiously watched the show then went into withdrawals for 4 years. The movie has brought back a lot of memories… good and bad. But I’m too tired to get into that… So I will leave you with my fall sign and Ella’s fall masterpieces.

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