19 mo.

It’s so hard to believe Little Miss is 19 months today. It hit me that in 5 months she will be a 2 year old and the baby days are truly over. Well, they’ve been over for a while… I don’t know where the time has gone. When you are a kid a month seems like eternity… now every day races by and sometimes you don’t get the chance to enjoy the moment. I try to every day, but when you have days like today, it’s hard to have fun with a cranky toddler. She woke up in a great mood. We played around for a while then I put her to bed. She woke up evil as can be. Well, we did go outside to take some pictures and she was ok the first 15 minutes, but after that everything went downhill. I was planning on taking her to Chuck E Cheese and after her temper I decided not to. But then being cooped up in the house made me nuts, so I took her anyways. It was an ok time. Watching her on the rides made me really dizzy. She became the little monster again, so we left after her tantrum. We got home and I put her to bed at 6:30. There was just no way I could cope with it anymore. I know I’m going to be paying for it in the morning, but such is life. I got a email from Gap today saying they got in a new fall line. OMG!! I think I’d take just about every outfit in the line for E. I got one from Gymboree too and they didn’t have any cute stuff once again. I didn’t even use my gymbucks this time. I was hoping for a cute pumpkin shirt for the pumpkin patch, but no go. But back to Gap, if you have a little girl or are looking for a gift for someone check it out. Ella’s going to have to have some of the shirts and butterfly jeans. I’m now helping out momscharlotte with sales that are going on. I’m not getting paid for it, but since I always know what’s going on I told them I’d help out as much as I could. Now with photography starting back up and working on the calendar, I’m pretty busy. Plus trying to deal with the phunk I’m going through. I think I might try to go back to the doc this week about the vertigo. I’ve had 5 episodes today. My ears are all stopped up and my head hurts. I’ve realized every time I have an episode I get a killer headache. I’ve never had so many in one day before and I’ve been doing my exercises. So who knows. It’s just really annoying. I wanted to get some scrapping done tonight or work on E’s Believe letters, but it’s not happening. I’m lucky to be typing this! Well, I’ll leave you with a few pics from her 19 mo. b-day… I think at 2 I’ll stop doing these 🙂


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