bad blogger

Sorry I’ve been bad last week. I’ve not been in the mood to write and thinking about stuff. Not going to get into it, but stuff. We’ve had a pretty non-eventful week. Well, Ella has. I’ve used all my anxiety towards cleaning. Which mom appreciates since she’s had to work 2 weeks straight! I’ve tackled closets, rooms, de-cluttering Ella stuff. It feels good to not be surrounded by baby stuff! I still have the playroom to clean and need some sort of organizer for my living room closet for my scrap stuff. But other than that, I’m organized and clean.

Yesterday we met my aunt Carol at TGIF for lunch since she was driving through to Greenville, SC. It was a nice visit. Then we headed to Synthia’s and went to the pool. I didn’t think it would be warm enough, but it was decent. Today I did stuff around the house, put up E’s baby clothes and went grocery shopping. Nothing fun and exciting. I go back to work tomorrow for a few hours. Ella is going to Morgan’s for the morning until I get off. I’m ready for a few hours without a baby! It’s been hard mom not being here this weekend. I needed a few to myself. Well, I’m off to bed. Hopefully it’ll be a better week.

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