I’m addicted to malls

Melanie had the day off today and we were going to head out to Tiger World since it’s changed ownership since last year. But it was too hot and so we decided to go to Concord Mills to walk the mall. Mel got here after E’s nap and we headed out to the mall. We ate lunch there and they have a carousel in the food court. I told E if she was good as we walked around she could ride the horsie. So we start walking through the mall and she starts throwing her kitty. I told her 1 and if she did it 2 more times no horsie. So we go to another store and she throws something else and starts yelling. I told her the same thing but if she did it again, no horsie. She was so good the rest of the time. We were in one store and my vertigo kicked in and I felt like I was going to pass out. So I hoped she forgot about it and I wouldn’t have to get even more dizzy. We sat down and I told her what a good girl she was being and she yelled, “horsie!” So, yes, I had to ride the carousel. I looked at her the whole time and tried to focus so I didn’t realize I was spinning. It was bad. But, a promise is a promise. We walked for 4 hours. The place is huge! Ella loves the mall and all the people… and telling me all that is “cute.” But I think I’m done for a while. I like the exercise from walking, but the temptation is too much. Thankfully I was good and just got her a dress and 2 sets of pj’s on sale. I got them big so she can wear them for the rest of the year and maybe some of next. So now she just needs brown fall shoes and some tights and she’s set for the fall and part of the winter. And have I mentioned it needs to get here soon? I’m so tired of the heat!! We got home and I cooked dinner and we played in her room for a while. We read her night time books and she went down. I love she is falling asleep on her own now. Life is so much easier for naps and night time. Well, I’m beat and can’t watch another minute of the Olympics. I tried to stay up to finish watching the girls, but it seems never ending!

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