Picture post

So I’m totally being played by a 13 month old right now. She is still awake and doing everything cute as possible to stay up a minute longer. This includes: giving kisses, saying potty, big cheesy smiles, repeating everything I say, her cute giggle, nose scrunches and mocking me eat M&M’s. I can’t help but laugh at her.

Ok, she’s down now. After writing that I realized I was the mom- not her. She was extra tired. We met Morgan for lunch at Chick fil a and she skipped her nap. We then ran to Toys R Us so Morgan could get a play set for outside. I can’t wait to go over and see them play on it! Ella fell asleep on the way to Target and was too tired to wake up when we got there.

So she slept the whole time we were in there. We then came home and cooked dinner. This is Ella while I’m cooking.
After dinner, Mel came over for a few. Then Idol came on and E got wound up and refused sleep. So here I am. Exhausted! I wanted to post the pics I promised. This is Ella’s new favorite spot in the house. She loves to hug her baby and watch her movies. This is the new painting!

I’m thinking about painting the walls the color of the tree. It’s more of a gray-taupe. And these are the gift boxes I made. The backs & sides are totally different, but same scheme.

And this is Ella being cute in the chair she climbed into. I’m too tired to write! So goodnight!


One thought on “Picture post

  1. She is too much! The playset is totally cool, Ari was climbing it before we even had it put together, they are going to love it! I can’t believe she squished herself in the cabinet, you’re totally going to have to scrap that!


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