So when Morgan and I went to Pier 1 I found a painting that was on clearance and fell in love. I’ve been thinking about it since I saw it and couldn’t resist not getting it. I talked mom into going to check it out and after she saw it, she agreed we had to get it. So I’m going to pay her back when I get my b-day money. It is beautiful! It was such a pain to hang. It weighs prob. 150 lbs. Steve and Rachael had to help the both of us to get it up. But I’m happy!!! I’ll take pics once it’s daylight. The light is reflecting on it right now. We didn’t do much other than that today. Rach & Steve came over for dinner. I cleaned the house while Ella messed it up. Oh- we left the tall ladder out to get the painting up and Ella decided she wanted to climb to the top. She even tried to get to the very top step. I let her climb and was her spotter. She had no fear whatsoever. My little monkey 🙂


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