DockATot- the product I never knew I couldn’t live without

I have to admit that the first time I saw a DockATot on Instagram I was super judgmental and (wrongly) thought it was a suffocation hazard. From the image, it didn’t look very breathable and the baby’s face was smushed against the side. I swiped on and didn’t think about it again until I received an email about them. I then decided to click on the link and read a little bit more- and I couldn’t be more thankful that I did!

I started on the DockATot safety page. The first thing that jumped out at me is that the whole product is Oeko-Tex Certified. That means it has passed rigorous testing and has been proven to be free of any toxic or harmful chemicals. So that baby that I saw in the picture with his face in the pillow was not breathing in any harmful chemicals.

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The DockATot also complies with British standard BS4578, which means it has great air-permeability and can be used confidently in cots and perambulators. The pod is designed for a baby to sleep on his back. The sides are lower than the baby’s face should be, so he is breathing open air and not breathing carbon dioxide from “trapped breathing” like in bassinets or moses baskets. However, the pod was developed for when a baby reaches the age that they roll over in their sleep that they can safely sleep on their bellies.

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The DockATot was designed for safe co-sleeping and to help the transition to a toddler bed. It can also be used for a changing station, tummy time, snuggle time, lounger… There are 2 sizes of the pod- the DockATot Deluxe and DockATot Grand. The Deluxe is for infants 0-8 months and the Grand is 9-36 months. The DockATot  is not intended for use in cribs or bassinets, but the Grand is ok for a toddler bed or big kid size beds. From what I can see, the safety issue with putting the Grand in a crib is the child being able to stand up on the sides of the pod and then falling from the crib.


We were sent the DockATot Grand to review and it has truly been my life saver and I cannot recommend enough. My 14 month old has been sleeping with us since day 1 and LOVES to snuggle. While I love this, I need some space during the afternoon while she naps and a few hours before I go to bed. We have her toddler bed pushed next to our bed, but she only likes playing in it while I snooze in the mornings. Since we got the DockATot Grand she has finally slept in her bed during naps and even for 4-8 hours at night. Which is HUGE!

Baby girl still nurses throughout the night, which is mainly why I haven’t pushed getting her into her own bed. My previous thought process was that we get enough sleep- why mess up a good thing? She typically goes to sleep between 7-8 and is up by midnight to nurse. Since I’ve been putting her to sleep in her DockATot Grand she has been sleeping until at least 2 a.m. and the other night she slept until 4:30 a.m.! The best part is that she has gone to sleep on her own in the  DockATot and will sleep on it when we have a babysitter. So it has made going out easier for everyone.

The transition to the DockATot wasn’t a battle and she loves being in it. My oldest didn’t transition to her bed until she was 5. We never found anything that made her feel safe sleeping on her own. My son was the same way and still gets in bed with us every night. I wish I had a DockATot when he was little- it could have done wonders! I feel confident that baby girl will be in her room much sooner than the others and I have DockATot to thank.

The DockATot cover is machine washable and is even preshrunk so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting. You can travel with the DockATot and it is great for when staying in hotels so your baby feels safe at home.


The DockATot box makes an excellent hiding spot for preschoolers 😉