Your Playlist

I went and heard Henry Rollins speak last week in his spoken word tour. It was exactly what I needed to experience to bring me back to my spiritual center. I have been so anxious about the election and our country that it is physically and mentally draining me. A lot of past anger has resurfaced listening to peoples ignorance. It has been so easy to get caught up in the fear with this part of our culture that it is easy to forget- this is not who I am.
During the event, he asked the audience to go home and upgrade in life. That no matter who wins this election, it isn’t going to change who you are and what you can do. To basically take charge of your life and what is going on around you and to upgrade your life to be better. Better for the world and better for yourself.

He went on to tell stories about his life and how music got him through some rough teenage years. He spoke about traveling all over the world with an external hard drive full of music to share with young people. One story stuck out with how he snuck music into the middle east where it is banned and how excited the kids were. It is comforting knowing that music connects us. That no matter where you come from, what you believe, how you live- we can all connect to that one song or band.

So this got me to thinking about playlists. What my playlist was. What playlist I should create for my kids to turn them on to great music. What playlist I would create for someone who has never heard American music. I spent a couple of days putting music together for my kids- mainly my oldest E. When I finally got it together, I turned it on and they all started dancing and moving around.

If you are feeling disconnected from others, your kids, or even yourself- find your playlist. Turn it on and start dancing like no one is watching.

What would be on your playlist?


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