It is funny how every nursing relationship is different. My first child preferred a bottle to the breast. My second child was ok taking either and had no issues when I had to pump for 3 weeks while we worked out a tongue tie and mastitis. My third only wants the breast and likes chewing on bottles. I keep trying because I do want to resume dating my husband and while the little is an adorable companion- mama needs a little bit of space!

My husband and I like to travel and also like going to concerts. The little is almost 9 months and still nurses quite frequently. So if we are on a road trip and it has been 3 hours, I need to pump or I get uncomfortable. The same with concerts. When we get to the car I’m ready to explode. So I love Earth Mama Angel Baby’s new kit- Milk-To-Go Pumping Companion Essentials!


The Milk-To-Go Pumping Companion Essentials comes with:

  • Reusable Insulated Bag
  • Organic Milkmaid Tea- 16 tea bags
  • Natural Nipple Butter- 1 oz. of lanolin-free nipple balm
  • Happy Mama Body Wash- 1.67 fl oz. no toxin castile soap
  • Booby Tubes- gel-free breast packs with an organic cotton shell and flax seed filling

All of which are great for traveling! This is also an amazing kit for moms who are back at work and have to pump daily.

I find that it is easier to pump when I apply Natural Nipple Butter first. I also like using my Booby Tubes because the heat helps me relax and actually letdown without my little. Happy Mama Body Wash is great for washing your hands before and after! And who doesn’t love Earth Mama Angel Baby’s teas?

With my son I had to pump every meal for 3 weeks. He had a tongue tie which caused a horrible latch, which led to mastitis and seriously hurt nipples. After the mastitis I decided to give them a break and just pump until we could get the tie corrected. Of course the pain affected my supply, so I drank Organic Milkmaid Tea several times a day. It did wonders! Luckily my supply has been great this go round, but I still love the taste- so it is great for when traveling or when I know I need to pump.

The Milk-To-Go Pumping Companion Essentials kit is now available at Earth Mama Angel Baby for $39.99 and it is currently on sale for $34.99! This would make the perfect baby shower or new mom gift!


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