My superpowers are slowly fading with every whine and cry that pierce my ears. We are on day 12 of my babies not being at 100%. It started with a cold with the littles after a fun night at Joan Jett.


The following day they were battling 104 and 101 temps and they both only wanted mama. That meant carrying them both up the stairs, sleeping sitting up while holding them both, long nights of wiping noses and tears.

3 days later, baby girl had an ear infection in both ears and little man was on the mend. She is also cutting a front tooth, so she was (still is) miserable. 3 days after that, he had a scheduled tonsillectomy.

img_5337 Needless to say, it has been a very long 12 days of mama caring for her babies. And now I’m touched out. I’m depleted. I’ve given everything in me and little is left. My patience is low. Every high pitch sound they make is like nails to a chalkboard. They sense my angst and are reacting by being super needy and acting out.


They do not understand mama has to get back to work. They do not understand mama desperately needs some alone time- just an uninterrupted shower or potty break. They do not understand my legs hurt from sharing the bed with 3 other bodies and having 2 kids on my lap is uncomfortable. They don’t understand depression or anxiety and how tired I am. Or how I just need some peace and quiet!! This super-mama needs to recharge, but I can’t until they don’t need all of me.


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