Blessings We Didn’t Know We Needed

Life has a funny way of stepping in and giving you what you didn’t know you needed. We took a family beach vacation at the beginning of the Summer and my husband could barely get out of bed the whole trip. He was having extreme hip pain from a previous car wreck and after not being able to enjoy the trip with the kids, he decided to push his hip replacement up a few months.
A couple of weeks after this decision I was home with 3 kids, a new puppy, and taking care of my husband who could barely move. So that left little time for taking care of me, my needs or blog! It was a great experience for everyone to have my husband home for a little over 6 weeks. And yes- we were pretty crazy adding a puppy to our mix- but we figured why not get it out of the way now and let the puppy and baby grow up together so we have peace in a few years…
The kids spent many days making forts, art projects, pretend schools, dress up and whatever else they could do to amuse themselves. My husband was able to truly bond with the baby and he got a taste of what it is like at home daily while I try to work and tend to everyone.
I was able to have support. And even though he was just sitting there most of the time, it was nice to have my partner with me. Especially when dealing with postpartum depression. It was nice to spend the Summer taking it easy rather than fitting in work with playdates and crazy schedules that it would have been if he was working. It made me see how lucky my kids are to have one another and have him for a father.
Today is the first day I am home alone with our very mobile 7 month old who is days away from walking, our very energetic 3.75 year old and 12 week old puppy. In this madness, I’m reflecting on our Summer and the blessings we didn’t know we needed. I’m accepting more what life has given us and embracing the toys thrown all over the floor, the noise of my trying son, chaos of a wild puppy, the innocence and wonder of an exploring infant who is growing too fast, my sweet daughter who is such a big help- yet so mind boggling, and the 50 million allergies that have plagued all of us- including the poor puppy. (I’m not sure I’m embracing the allergy part just yet- but I’m trying)
In all of this madness- we are truly blessed. Thanks for sticking around for the journey.

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