New Stonyfield Products

I was so excited to try the new Stonyfield Grassfed Yogurt! We try and buy as many grassfed animal products as possible for the simple fact cows were meant to eat grass and not grain. When eating meat or drinking milk, I can taste a difference in grassfed vs grain fed. Scientist say human breastmilk changes tastes with the foods you eat, so why would this be any different for animals?

Farmer Tim Joseph, founder of Maple Hill Creamery- one of the grassfed dairy sources for Stonyfield said that, “Livestock evolved to eat grass, and when you shift to grass and grain, or just grain, you change the balance of healthy elements in the milk; it alters the Omega-3s and what makes the products healthy.” Grassfed dairy has higher Omega-3’s.

Stonyfield Grassfed comes in 4 flavors including Strawberry, Vanilla, Blueberry, and Plain.

Stonyfield Greek now comes in Whole Milk with a container that allows you to control the amount of sugar going into your yogurt. Stonyfield Greek already has a low sugar content compared to other brands. But now you can get the same great taste with the level that suits your needs. 

One side of the container is plain, whole milk yogurt. The other is the flavor- Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Honey which is made with real fruit. You can tip the flavor into the yogurt or spoon it in to to get the desired sweetness you prefer. I absolutely LOVE the sweet/tarness of the cherry! By far my favorite Greek flavor
You can also get just the Plain or Vanilla Bean Whole Milk Greek.
What are your favorite Stonyfield flavors?

*I am part of the Stonyfield YoGetters group of bloggers and receive compensation and products as part of the program. My opinion is not influenced in any way


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