Back to School with Stonyfield

I love cooking with yogurt. With the kid’s allergies it has been hard to incorporate it in family meals, but now that it is back to school time- I get to enjoy yogurt with my breakfast and lunch without the guilt!

I’m ready for Fall and am already bringing out the pumpkin and apple flavor everything. I can’t get enough of these yogurt pumpkin muffins!

Sorry for the non-Pinterest perfect muffins, but 20 weeks pregnant with an almost threenager and making it through the first week of school… Just take my word for it and you’ll want to try these muffins.

Stonyfield’s Oh My Yog! is my absolute favorite yogurt they make. I have tried all of the flavors and it is a tie between the Wild Quebec Blueberry (served with Challah is amazing!) and the Apple Cinnamon. You can freeze the yogurt right before you go to bed, take out when you wake up, and by lunch time it has defrosted and is still cold. 
I like treating Oh My Yog! as a dip and am always trying new things. Like I said above, dipping Challah in it is divine. The Apple Cinnamon tastes just like an apple pie. There are apple chunks in the yogurt, but I love the texture of a fresh apple. This could be a great breakfast, lunch or snack for at home or on the go. 
Another one of my favorites is adding pumpkin puree to Stonyfield Greek yogurt. 
I used Vanilla, but you could also use plain. I added nutmeg and cinnamon for flavoring. 
Then serve with graham crackers. For packing for school, make ahead of time and store in the freezer the night before. 
*I am part of the Stonyfield YoGetters group of bloggers and receive compensation and products as part of the program. My opinion is not influenced in any way.

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