New Stonyfield Must-Try Products!

Stonyfield has been busy introducing several new products and I’m so thankful that I’m finally not dairy-free anymore so I’m not missing out!!

Now that it is getting warmer, frozen foods are on my mind. I absolutely love Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt and Yogurt Bars, but since both kiddos are allergic to dairy, I feel bad eating it in front of them. But some days, the craving for something sweet and frozen hits and I’ve found myself hiding in closets for a quick bite. But now, with the new Frozen Yogurt Pearls, I can pop one in without having to hide. It’s the little things…

Frozen Yogurt Pearls come in 4 delicious flavors, though the Strawberry/Chocolate is my very favorite. They also have Strawberry/Vanilla, Coconut/Chocolate, and Peach/Vanilla. You must try them all! 
Frozen Yogurt Pearls are made using WikiPearl technology that allows the yogurt to be enveloped by edible skins, kind of like the skin of a grape. The outside layer has one flavor while the yogurt is the other. These organic treats don’t need spoons or bowls- they are great portable frozen snacks that pop in your mouth. So no more hiding in the closet moms! 
Their next new product, Oh My Yog, needs to come in larger containers because it is DIVINE! I’m so sad my area hasn’t begun carrying it because I can’t wait to try all of the flavors. Oh My Yog is a trilayer yogurt with whole milk, a cream top, then fruit or vanilla mixed with yogurt. 
I’m in love with the Madagascar Vanilla Bean. I can’t explain how deliciously yummy this yogurt is and it is by far my favorite that I have ever tried. I can’t wait to cook with it!  I also got to try the Orange Cranberry and honestly I wasn’t thrilled about trying the flavor, but I was surprisingly amazed at how awesome it tasted. The cranberries weren’t hard like I had imagined and they blended very well with the orange.  I would definitely buy again. 
Be sure to check out the Stonyfield website and see their other new products like Greek and Chia and OP Organic Protein Shake.  
*I am part of the Stonyfield YoGetters group of bloggers and receive compensation and products as part of the program. My opinion is not influenced in any way.

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