I wanted to give my daughter’s Step 2 car a makeover for my son. Not that there is anything wrong with a pink car for a boy… I just wanted to do something fun to match his personality. IMG_6763So I got some black Rust-Oleum 211338 Paint For Plastic Spray that is for outside use. It even has Step 2 written on the bottle, so it was made for this sort of thing. IMG_6765I sprayed the whole car, wheels, inside, underneath and got this cool black car. It took maybe 30 minutes and took 24 hours to fully dry- so super easy Saturday afternoon project. I then added the finishing touch: a Batman decal.
IMG_6771 And you now have the Batmobile! I knew his car needed one more thing- Batman, so I looked around for a cape in a toddler size. That is how I found has a ton of great superhero gear for everyone in the family. They have tees, sweatshirts, capes, belts, accessories, and a ton more! Their kid selection is pretty awesome. I found the Batman Kids Cowl and Cape Costume Hoodie and knew it was the perfect finish to our project. IMG_7695
I love that the sweatshirt includes a cowl and cape! The cowl can be tucked under the hood if your child doesn’t like it and the cape is removable. The sweatshirt zips up and has the Batman logo on the front. IMG_7682
The Batman Kids Cowl and Cape Costume Hoodie is available in sizes 2T-7. We got the size 2T and I hope it still fits for Halloween. The cowl is a bit loose, but he is also on the tiny side. If you are looking for something for warmer weather, also has quite a few Batman tees, tees with capes, and pj sets- and they all are on sale right now. The hoodie is usually $31.99 but is currently listed for $25.99!

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