ManPans Valentines Heart Set- Plus $10 Off

I am a huge fan of ManPans. I have their pizza line which is amazing! ManPans uses .080 aluminum that is is coated with Gem-X2. Not only are the pans non-toxic, they are manufactured in a eco-friendly way. You can read more about that here. The Gem-X2 release coating is water-based, and is 100% PTFE free and free from any fluoropolymer coatings. The coating will not scratch or flake off into your food. 
If you are looking for something fun to bake for Valentines, check out these adorable Valentines Heart Baking Set!
The set is a quarter sheet pan with 2 heart shaped rings. The batter does not spread out of the rings and makes perfect hearts! 


I decided to use them and bake a pumpkin spice cake and also brownies. I had no issues with the finished item sticking to the heart and they turned out adorable! My 7 year old LOVED them. So I can see us using them all year round. You could even do breads, cookies, or use the heart rings on a skillet for pancakes! 
The set comes with 2 delicious recipes, including a chocolate cheesecake and raspberry cake that would be amazing for Valentines Day! 
The Valentines Heart Baking Set is only $29.99 And you can get $10 off by signing up for their emails! You can find your coupon code on the right side of the ManPans page- look for the red tab! Plus shipping is only $5! 
*I was sent the product to review for free and under no obligation. These are my thoughts, results, and opinions. 

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