WishGarden Herbs

I have no idea why the holidays bring out the crazy in everyone! It seems like everyone is operating on a high frequency and everywhere I turn it is chaos. I’m trying to remain zen and it is just not happening. But thanks to WishGarden Stress Relief, it has become a bit more manageable! Stress Relief Since I’m still nursing, I went with the pregnancy solution Stress Relief. There is a full strengthDeep Stress or Serious Relaxer available. The Stress Relief is made with relaxing herbs like Lemon Balm leaf, Linden leaf and flower, Passionflower aerials, and Milky Oat tops which are safe to take while nursing and during pregnancy.

You can take the tincture 2-3 times a day as needed with a glass of water. The tincture helps nourish and refresh your nervous system while allowing you to put your stress in perspective. The Stress Relief  does not make you drowsy or tired, but does take the edge off. Being a mom of 2, being on high alert is a must, so I love it doesn’t make you feel groggy! Stress Relief comes in 1, 2, and 4 oz. bottles from $12.99-$36.99.

WishGarden Herbs has a full line of herbal remedies for pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, babies, children, and adults. Be sure to check out their large selection of herbal tinctures to help with common ailments!

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Sample Disclosure: The opinions expressed above are honest, accurate, and not encouraged anyway by monetary donations. A sample free of charge was received from said company, as stated within the editorial.


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