I wanted little man’s birthday bash to be as eco-friendly as possible. 90%of his decor was recycled into his nursery, all of the supplies were made with sustainable products, and the food was mostly organic. When I was shopping around for eco-party goods, I came across GreenPartyGoods and fell in love! DSC_0033GreenPartyGoods has a huge selection of eco-friendly plates, napkins, banners, decor, cupcake everything, toys, gifts, party favors, and so much more! We were sent several items to match our theme that included: mason jar lids, paper straws, owl napkins, owl sugar toppers, and bamboo boats. But lots of our other supplies can be found there as well- including the Susty Party items.
GreenPartyGoods BamboowareOne of my favorite items was the Bamboo Serving Boats. These adorable boats are available in 4 sizes- 3.14″, 7″, 8.5″ and 9.5″ and are great for all sorts of appetizers. The boats are made out of bamboo sheaths, so they are compostable and biodegradable. They are very lightweight, but work very well. I love how festive they are!  They range from $4.50-$7.70 for packs of 12-24.
DSC_0225 We wanted to use mason jars as much as possible, and I fell in love with these adorable lids! They are great for holding straws and preventing huge spills- though they will still leak if tipped over and not caught in time. GreenPartyGoods has 3 different sets of mason jars with lids ranging from $4.50-$32.99 for value packs. I also love you can use the lids with tea light candles to get a design on your ceiling. GreenPartyGoods GreenPartyGoods has a huge selection of paper straws with a variety of colors in the Chevron pattern, stripes, rainbow packs, and polka dots. The straws are biodegradable and made with food safe soy inks. They are the best, affordable plastic straw alternative for large groups. I do love our stainless steel and glass straws, but paper straws are only $3.50-$8 for packs of 144!  You can also use the straws for crafting, making cake banners, for cake pops, and other baking needs. DSC_0232 The recycled owl napkins were a perfect touch to the party. I found the napkin holder in the $1 section at Target, so I got really excited when I saw the napkins. They are 3 ply recycled napkins with adorable 3Dish owls. They work great for beverages, kids, or to use as a small napkin. They are sold in sets of 20 for $4.95.GreenPartyGoods Owl Nest I came across the “owl nests” on Pinterest and thought they would be perfect for our theme. I made them by melting chocolate chips, adding peanut butter, folding in chow mien noodles and letting harden in muffin tins. On Pinterest, they used jelly beans. When I saw the sugar owl toppers, I thought they would be even better. The 1.25″ sugar toppers come in packs of 120 and are great for cupcakes, cakes, or any other edible item you would like to decorate. They are made with regular sugar and no hfcs. The owl sugar toppers are $25.50.
GreenPartyGoods Cookie CuttersGreenPartyGoods also has new flat sheet metal cookie cutters! They include 3-5″: Gnome, acorn, forest tree, fox, squirrel, and owl.  You can get the whole set for $17.99!

Be sure to check out GreenPartyGoods other woodland themed items like plates, washi tape, edible strips and more!

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