International Babywearing Week Stretchy Wraps: Boba Wrap

Boba Family has a collection of award winning soft stretchy wraps, soft shell carriers, and on the go lightweight carriers. All of Boba’s carriers, with exception to the Air, are made out of 100% cotton, with organic cotton options. Boba’s are designed for all shapes and sizes and both mom and dad will enjoy wearing their baby. All of Boba’s carriers are designed for your baby to be facing forward since forward facing carriers place too much pressure on a baby’s pelvis and spine.  Their Wraps are free of buckles, straps, plus snaps- basically just a long piece of fabric that you can create your own carrier with. boba I was sent the Organic Boba Wrap to review and I wish I would have had this when little man was born! I love the stretchy feel of the wrap and how close it brings your baby to you. I have been intimidated by wraps (until now!) and thought trying to tie them in a parking lot would take too much time. Boy was I wrong! It takes maybe 30-45 seconds to get adjusted, which is about the same time it would take to get your baby into a stroller.

The stretchy wrap is perfect for lounging around the house and is very lightweight. It feels like a really soft tee shirt. It’s not too hot to wear, even in 90 degree weather. It is also great to wear on walks, shopping, out and about, to dinner, basically where ever you are going and bringing your baby with you! The wrap is made out of 95% cotton with 5% spandex for the stretch- with the organic cotton option. I love the added stretch since it isn’t too tight around your baby’s legs. The wrap also allows you to be able to breastfeed discreetly.
tie Little man is now almost 19 pounds. So if you do not tie the wrap tight enough, it will not work for his weight. I’ve had numerous babywearing pros tell me that a stretchy wrap isn’t advised for an older baby, but I’ve been able to perfect the tie of the wrap so it works just like a woven. TheBoba Wrap is safe for newborns all the way up to 35 pounds. Boba also gave 2 other tips for carrying a heavier baby in the wrap:

1. Make sure the fabric is spread all the way to the back of the baby’s knees. Covering baby’s bottom with the fabric is not enough. Your baby needs a seat. Imagine yourself sitting on a hammock. Would you want the fabric bunched up behind your hamstring or would you want it all the way to the back of where your knee bends. To really make a seat, your baby’s legs should be flexed and widespread. Like the babywearing expert from Canada says, your baby’s bottom and legs should look like the capital letter “M”. Bottom down and thighs at least parallel to the floor.

2. Baby’s bottom should be above your belly button. You’ve probably heard countless times that stretchy wraps are only good for the baby’s first several months. As long as the fabric is spread all the way to the back of your baby’s knee and your baby’s bottom is sitting above your belly button, it is tough for the baby to go anywhere. Wearing your baby higher is safer. *You can read the full article here and also see a picture of a 5 year old being worn (with no sagging) in a wrap!

Boba Wraps are available in 1 organic color– Khaki for $60, in gorgeous prints for $45, and in 7 color options for their classic Wrap for $38. 

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Sample Disclosure: The opinions expressed above are honest, accurate, and not encouraged anyway by monetary donations. A sample free of charge was received from said company, as stated within the editorial.

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