THinc. Skin

I try to avoid plastic as much as possible. Not only is it bad for the environment, I don’t like the thought of the nasty chemicals leaching into my products- especially when it comes to my children’s products. In a search for glass containers, I came across THinc. (Taylor House inc.) Skin who manufactures organic skin care for adults and babies (they have a baby line called BALM! Baby) stored in glass and aluminum containers! All of their products are made using Hawaiian oils and organic ingredients that are cruelty free. Most of the main ingredients come from Big Island Organic Farm.

THinc. Skin sent us a nice goody bag filled with lots of their products including their The Diaper BalmEucalyptus RubJuice Those WipesPucker UpFresh Out of the Tub Shampoo & Body WashTeething Rub, and Bye-Bye Teething Hello Sleep. I have to say I am totally in love and hooked on a new company! Most of their products can be customized in case you and your child have sensitivities or allergies. bye bye teething hello sleep Little man has begun teething and hasn’t been a happy camper. We traveled a lot over Spring Break/Easter and riding with a fussy teething baby  wasn’t much fun until I pulled out the Bye-Bye Teething Hello Sleep tincture! Baby K was soo much happier after he had a few drops! Then he fell asleep. :) He has also been uncomfortable during some feedings and I used the tinctureand then he was much happier latching on. We also tried the Teething Rub and he didn’t like the taste as much as the tincture. I plan on using it with my daughter since she is about to lose her front teeth! The Bye-Bye Teething Hello Sleep is only $9.95 for a 2 oz. bottle and the Teething Rub is $4.99 for 1/2 oz or you can get theteething combo for $13.99. balm baby The Diaper Balm is AWESOME! It is even made with cloth diaper safe ingredients. It is made with healing ingredients like organic tea tree oil, calendula, and St John’s wort as well as a variety of nut oils. I love that the balm can not only be used for diaper rash, but for cracked heels, razor burn, dry hands, rashes, burns, boo boos, eczema, dry lips, cradle cap, bug bites, and more. We got to try it out for all of the above and it is now my go to balm. I love that the balm is smooth and free of chunks of waxes or butters. It has a mild nutty scent and it really nourishes your skin. Baby K has had a bad continuous diaper rash for 3 months due to food allergies. The Diaper Balm soothes his rash at each diaper change stopping it from going into a yeast infection. His Dr. was impressed at how well it has been working. You can get thebalm in a 2 oz. glass jar for $9.95! eucalyptus rub My poor babies have both caught the flu twice this year. They had both A and B. With both illnesses, they had coughs and stuffy noses that lasted 2 weeks after they were better. They both were able to breathe much better after using the Eucalyptus Rub! Lots of conventional products contain petrolatum which is a petroleum biproduct. Not something I want to rub on my baby’s nose or chest! THinc. Skin’s Eucalyptus Rub is made with nut oils and organic essential oils that open your sinuses safely. For younger babies, I suggest rubbing on their feet or behind their ears. The rubalso relieves motion sickness and nausea! You can get the 1.25 oz jar for $9.99. shampoo body wash I love the super concentrated Fresh Out of the Tub Shampoo & Body Wash. You put several squirts into a foaming pump and add water and you’ve got enough soap for a month! This soap will last a long time! If you don’t have a foam pump, you can use the hand pump and squirt into a washcloth. This is a castile soap and not a detergent, so it is gentle for newborns and those with eczema. You can get the 9 oz bottle for $9.95! juice those wipes Juice Those Wipes is a homemade wipe solution for do it yourselfers! I love using washcloths instead of disposable wipes. If you cloth diaper, it’s easy to wash the cloths with your diapers. This not only saves money it cuts back on waste. You can add the wipe solution to a wipe warmer or container or put in a spray bottle. This formula is safe to use on faces, hands, cheeks, and of course baby bottoms. You can get a concentrated bottle (good for 24-48 batches) for only $13.95! pucker up  Pucker Up is an awesome lip balm that doesn’t leave your lips dry after application. The one thing I hate about most lip balms is that 30 minutes after you use some, you have to use it again or they become seriously chapped. Pucker Up is made with Hawaiian nut oils, candelilla wax, and other essential oils. They have the following flavors in 1/2 oz. aluminum tins for only $2.95:

  • Perk up Peppermint!: Above + eos of peppermint
  • Herbal Goodness: Above + Cocoa butter, eos of lavender & orange
  • Chocolate Creamsicle: Above + Cocoa butter, eos of orange, pure vanilla & chocolate extract
  • Minty Chocolatey Chippy: Above + Cocoa buter, eos of peppermint, pure chocolate extract
  • Rosey Rosemary: Above + eos of rosemary & rose geranium
  • Vanilla Mint: Above + Cocoa buter, eos of peppermint, pure vanilla extract
  • THinc Skin also has a natural deodorant, body butter, sunscreen, bug spray, sanitizer, skin repair, soaps, mama belly butter, nipple soother, household cleaners, and raw essential oils and nut oils all in glass or aluminum containers!


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