ManPans Loaf Pan

We’ve had our Large MansPans Loaf Pan (part of their eco-friendly bakeware line) for a little over a month now and I’m in love! All of the bread recipes I make are usually for 2 loaves. Sometimes I’ll make 2 and give to a friend or we will freeze a loaf. But with the ManPans Loaf Pan, it all fits into 1 without adding a longer bake time!

The Large Loaf Pan is 10″ by 5″ by 3″ deep. It has tapered sides for easy lifting in and out of the oven. The pan is made out of heavy .063 (14 ga.) aluminum, it’s commercial quality, PTFE free, water-based release coating: Gem-X2, super easy clean up, and is heat safe to 700 degrees fahrenheit.
The easy grip rim is awesome for the weight of the pan. It’s not super heavy, but heavier than a usual bread pan. I’m a klutz and have dropped bread pans before spilling batter everywhere. So this feature was one of my favs. The 1.5lb loaf size is my absolute fav feature. There is nothing better than a pound and a half of organic zucchini bread!! 🙂
You can get a Large ManPans Loaf Pan for only $24.99 or the smaller Loaf Pan for $21.99. 
ManPans uses .080 aluminum that is is coated with Gem-X2. Not only are the pans non-toxic they are manufactured in a eco-friendly way. You can read more about that here. The Gem-X2 release coating is water-based, and is 100% PTFE free and free from any fluoropolymer coatings. The coating will not scratch or flake off into your food.
All ManPans are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-toxic and stick resistant surface
  • Durable and metal utensil safe
  • Green, Eco-friendly Manufacturing
  • Guaranteed: 30-day money back and limited lifetime warranty
*Thank you ManPans for sending me a Loaf Pan to review!! This is no way changes my opinions of the items. I have loved everything I’ve tried thus far. 🙂 

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