James Morrison- The Awakening

Almost 5 years ago I was watching/listening to Live From Abbey Road on the Sundance channel and stumbled across the soulful UK artist James Morrison. I loved him so much that I recorded the show so I could keep listening (ok, watching because he’s kind of hot) and it was perfect to unwind to. E was a newborn around this time, so this was great background noise as we napped and snuggled on the couch. I still love to curl up on the couch watching the recording with a glass of wine. It’s that feel good kind of music. 🙂

James Morrison was diagnosed with whooping cough when he was a infant and was given a 30% chance of survival. After he stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated 4 times, he beat the odds but then faced countless battles throughout his life as his family were affected by poverty and other illnesses. James’ most recent struggle is the loss of his father who had battled alcoholism and depression. Though, there is light for James since he just became a new father and his latest album has been topping the UK charts at #1! You can feel what he’s gone through in his life in his music which makes it real and unforgettable.

James Morrison has a soulful, whispy voice that carries a passionate note. His latest album, The Awakening, has a jazzy, soul beat with some deep, emotionally raw lyrics. His past albums have been sort of romantic, but this is a nice change. If you’ve ever known anyone who has faced addiction, the song Up will really hit home.

The 13 song album is hard hitting, beautifully written, and totally meets my expectations. My favorite song is Beautiful Life. Got to love positive singing in times like these!

If you are in the mood to hear some great new music, check out James Morrison on iTunes! This would make a great last minute stocking stuffer or gift.

*Thanks to Stunt Co for sending me his latest album The Awakening to review!


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