Tiny Prints

6 days ago I created my holiday cards on Tiny Prints and yesterday they arrived!! I am beyond impressed with the turnaround!

We went with the tri-fold style because I wanted something different than the usual folded card. I love that Tiny Prints has tons of options so you can narrow your search. There are over 500+ holiday cards to choose from, so it can be daunting seeing them all at once. Tiny Prints has the traditional folded card, flat, postcard, flip card, and circle card. So I began with that search option and went from there.

I loved all of the designs, so it was hard to choose which card we liked the best. We decided it would be easier to take our holiday pictures before picking the card. Then based on the pictures that turned out and their photo orientation, we narrowed our search down. The tri-fold Merry Medley card has 5 photo’s and allowed both landscape, portrait, and square.

The quality of the matte finish card is exceptional! I love how thick it is. The card doesn’t easily bend or tear. I hate when you (or your kiddo!!) holds a card and then it gets a thumb imprint. E gave one card a thorough test and it was unharmed. 🙂 The photos aren’t pixelated and are crystal clear. The colors are true to the original picture which I love! The card is made out of recycled paper.

This was an extremely pleasant holiday card making experience and I know I will use them again! Be sure to enter to win a $50 gift card to Tiny Prints below!! It ends tonight 🙂

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