Mkokopelli Eco Gift Guide 2011

Since Blogger doesn’t allow PDF files I had to link to the products in text below the photo. 😦 Not the prettiest… I truly need my own website so I can do more fun things like this!!  *Note: I wasn’t given anything for review for the gift guide. These are all things we love!

Top Left Photo: Green Toys Tea Set with Sarah’s Silks playsilk, and Yellow Label Kids knit food, Middle Left Photo: Orka Ice Pop Molds (we make new ones every week!), Bottom Left: a bath combo of Boon toys, Green Toys, and Endangered Species. Top right: Sarah’s Silks and Inspired By Finn necklace, Bottom Right: PlanToys

Top left: Green Toys Blocks, Bottom left: miYim knit bunny, Top right miYim knit rattle, Middle rocklovepeace teether, Bottom right Wonderworld Stacker

Top left: Educo Switchback Racetrack, Top right PlanToys Cutting Fruit, Green Toys Racing cars, Bottom left: Uncle Goose Blocks, Middle: Under the Nile Fruit Tote, Bottom right: Grimm Rainbow

Top left: PlanToys Blocks, Top right: PlanToys Green Dollhouse, Bottom left: ImagiPLAY Lacingscapes, Middle: Planet Pixies, Bottom right: CitiBlocs

Top left: Toysmith Potato Clock, EarthOpoly, Bottom left: Crocodile Creek Travel Puzzle, Bottom middle: Round Wooden Knitting Loom, Bottom right: glob Collage Kit

Top left: Baby Soy, Middle: Kite Kids shirt (look for them on Zulily), Sama Baby jeans, Simple Shoes, Bottom left: Kiwi Industries, Top Right: Nohi Kids, Bottom right: Sama Baby

Top left: ManPans Stir Fry Wok, Middle left: Earth Mama Body Butter, Bottom left rocklovepeace bag, Top right: The Scarlet Robin, Middle right: Bamboosa Priya Skirt, Bottom right: Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair

Remember to support your local owned stores, small online businesses, or try to buy items made in the USA!


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