Tiny Prints GIVEAWAY

Before we went eco, we’d always send Shutterfly photo cards. Majority of my family doesn’t get to see E but once or twice a year, so they really enjoyed the photo cards. Time got the best of me last year and it was too late to do anything by the time I thought about ordering/sending… but this year, they are ordered and should be on the way shortly!

This is going to be a 2 part blog post since I know everyone else is anxious to get their cards ordered, printed, and mailed out. And who wouldn’t want the chance to win free Tiny Prints cards??

There are many eco-friendly options available for holiday cards. You can get 100% recycled paper cards, elephant poo cards, biodegradable seed cards, post consumer waste paper, and Forest Stewardship Certified cards. I’ve really enjoyed sending biodegradable cards with seeds in them as a small gift in the past, but they can get expensive when mailing mass amounts. Tiny Prints contacted me a while back to let me know about their 30% post consumer waste paper cards or FSC cards, and I couldn’t resist testing them out this year! 100% of their photo cards, products, and packaging are made with eco-friendly recycled paper. Who knew?

All of the Tiny Prints products are labeled FSC or post consumer waste in their descriptions so yo know which you are choosing. Tiny Prints carries beautiful stationary, invites, announcements, thank you cards, holiday cards, gifts and more! You can get greeting cards, business products, wedding paper, and document every parenting occasion. I even had my baby shower invites made from them 5 years ago!! My have they grown since!

Shutterfly (my favorite photo website) acquired Tiny Prints this Spring, so I was really excited to see the two team up. I was thrilled 5 years ago with my Tiny Prints baby shower invites, and I’ve always been happy with my Shutterfly photo cards. I can only imagine how my new holiday cards will turn out!! I will be back with the full review as soon as they get here. But, I had a blast designing them yesterday.  There are so many amazing options!!

Until then, take a look around Tiny Prints and pick which cards you want to order!! I’m shortening this giveaway to give you time to order and get them in time to send. Have fun!

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